“A clean space is a clear mind” like Titan Tyra said, don’t ever bring your work stress into your living space. I believe that you guys would love to have a balance between work and rest. Nowadays, many people have a difficult time having a balance between their work stress and rest time. They actually didn’t have much time to rest because of their busyness even in this covid era, many people have to work at home. This kind of situation will make our house no longer a favorite place to calm our minds and relax. If you guys have the same problem, here is the solution for you. Same as what Titan Tyra does, she makes her working space at home super cozy, clean, and luxurious. It doesn’t have to be something stiff, monochrome, serious, and classic design like a working space used to. You can customize and design it with your own preference and taste. In other words, you can mix & match the designs and colors depending on your style of work. Titan Tyra likes her studio to look cute, comfy, bright, clean, and has a little touch of pastel colors. The combination of Palem Living Moon sofa, Tempeh coffee table, Kuma Armchair, and Terrazzo Stool, gives a unique, nice, and cute look for her studio that could balance her work and relax. 


     Imagine if you’re having a very tiring day and stress because of your work and stuff, but your home or living space are giving you the same feeling like your working space? I bet you guys didn’t want this to happen. So first of all, write down your idea and preference about a working space, then do research about the style and materials that you like to have, and remember, you have to point out what your working style looks like. If you already have the list, it’s time to find the right place to make your dream working space come true. The most important thing you have to find is the place that has the furniture and designs that suit your main preferences the most. Because every interior store has a different style and vibes. Nowadays, most people like the contemporary. Because contemporary is a basic style that can be a space to objectify your creativity. You can give a touch of your sense to make a masterpice for your own living space. Don’t be afraid to make a decision that is out of your safe zone and start to living you best life with no regret!