Ayu Gani and Cindercella Looking Gorgeous in Palem Living Style


     You are an artist. A little touch, mix & match, and your preference, you can make a masterpiece. Because, everyone is basically an artist based on our uniqueness and differences. ART actually doesn't need explanations! Nowadays, contemporary has been a favorite style for many people. Especially for influencers, models, artists, and many more. They love contemporary because it’s defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines. At this point, the interior tends to showcase space rather than things. So, many people were influenced by what they think about contemporary style and started to follow the trend.

     Many people don't know the point of the contemporary trend.  It’s not just basics and common style, it is so much more than that. Be bold and prove it! You know that fashion and furniture can be mixed? It can be your space to explore your expressions, emotions, and creativity. If you like to wear something unique, chic, colorful, fashionable, or bold. Contemporary style matches all of those senses of fashions. You also can have it for your own living space, so that everyday you could take OOTD pictures for your social media or just want to have that aesthetic, comfy, calming vibes, and the look that matches your personality inside your house after a stressful daily activity. Because, we know that there is no place as pleasant as your own home. Try something new, extraordinary, and match your preference for your living space!


     Just like Ayu Gani and Cindercella. You guys can see in these pictures, they absolutely got the perfect match of interior for their fashion sense. Ayu Gani with her strong, bold, masculine look and her messy pixie hairstyle are a perfect combination with her favorite Palem Living furniture. Also look at Cindercella with her black, edgy, chic style and her spooky makeup that very fit with Palem Living Furniture. That makes her look more expensive, modern, and artsy! So from this, we know that we are able to express our sense of art and creativity for making our look more stand out with the combination of fashion and furniture. Because, interior it’s not just about decorating a room but it can elevate your lifestyle to another level. So, let your guide you to what you want and make your dream room come true!