Say “No” to feel insecure, anxious, and afraid of what people think! We all have a different sense of everything, especially in style. Some people love vibrant things and others love classy things. Maybe nowadays people mostly like the simple, classy, and minimalistic style. But, if you like something vibrant, fun, colorful, and off the beaten path. I bet you love something different from the original right? For example yellow, red, green, pink, and blue? Yup, it’s definitely okay! Everyone has their own preference for everything. For you the vibrant color lovers, you should know that a person who loves vibrant colors is mostly friendly, positive thinking, creative, ambitious, and self-confident. Basically, this kind of person has a profession like an Artist, Baker, farmer, singer, designer, and many more. But it doesn’t always have to be like that, right? Even a big strong man can be a cat when with his wife haha. Okay, back to the topic! You know that this kind of person also has the aura that makes everyone around them feel comfortable, and their confident personality gives people around you a confidence boost. Because many people are not confident wearing vibrant color clothes and also choose a vibrant color for their living space because of what people think. Well, I know the stereotype of people that loves vibrant colors is confident. But, there are so many people that are afraid to tell everyone that they love the vibrant color. Once again, you don’t have to be afraid of what people will think about you. Because you are special and you have that right to be who you want to be. When you are trying to move aside what others think about you and started to wear or choose the vibrant colors that you love. I believe that slowly people are gonna love the way you choose your own color. You’re gonna be the Icon of your own style! 

Yes, I know that in the first paragraph I always mentioned that people who love vibrant colors are great! But, it doesn’t mean that if you like the simple, classic, calm, and minimalistic styles are bad. Because people that love classy colors have their own perceptions and personality. As you guys can see these days many people love everything classy because it was a flexible color, also they mostly feel more comfortable with the classy color than vibrant colors. Somehow, people love using classic colors because they are more calming, comfortable, and clean. This also depends on the personality of the person itself. If you are a person who loves intimacy, silence, elegance, comfort, luxury, sophistication, and purity. You should probably go with this kind of color (black, white, brown, gold, beige, grey, etc). Not only that! Someone who loves classy color is mostly a charismatic, well-structured, ambitious, focused, idealistic, powerful, clever, and modest person you’ve ever met. Basically, a person with this kind of taste is a businessperson, a Lawyer, an Architect, a Doctor, Secretary, a Journalist, a Politician, and many more. But, once again this is just a stereotype made by other people. But, the most important thing is you just have to be yourself and don’t ever make that stereotype paralyze you! So whether you’re absolutely vibrant or absolutely classy, both are great and awesome. They have their own unique, style, and of course, even if it is only vibrant and classy. You can absolutely mix and match them or put your own preferred style, to make it more like the design of “You”. Because we are all basically an Artist!